for the admirers of nature...

Why Us

We are unique

We love nature. We are in the awe of it and intrigued how close our relation is with it. Exploring the nature ourselves and also showcasing to the outside world is our main target.

Because we know you. Any ways you want to travel in Nepal whether volunteering, mountaineering, hiking, exploring, learning cultures, giving to poor or any other things, we will make it happen. The veteran guides we have can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian, you name it. Even for the non-English speakers, we facilitate them with the guide of their own mother tongue speakers. We offer many travel packages recommended by the ‘Lonely Planet’ on the best rate in the market. We have our own research team and who is always seeking for new trails to explore and make it a next tourist destination since there’s still a lot to explore in the hidden corners of Nepal. We seek for the greener and cleaner earth and so keeping the place naturally as it is wherever we go is what we do and teaching everyone the same way is how we demonstrate responsible approach in tourism.

We believe in the prosperous society where everyone has the right to live upright life and they deserve proper education and health. Every earnings we make, we will donate 5% of each to a fund to raise money for the poor and deprived people, orphanage houses, elderly people’s residential houses, and other causes. We keep doing time to time formal volunteer activities while it can be done anytime upon the client’s requests too. The people in remote and unnoticed areas of Nepal are still far behind the normal livings and surviving in extreme poverty with no proper food and lodging. We can get there with financial aid or organize the volunteer programs such as teaching, community building, constructing basic infrastructures, donating necessary supplies, etc. There are orphanages, anti-trafficking centers (e.g. Maiti Nepal), elderly homes and home for disabled people where you can visit or volunteer as per the wish which can be easily organized by NATURE LOVERS.

We care for you

Your safety and happiness is our main priority. We have chosen our guides and porters with thorough inspection based on their knowledge and experience in the field, friendly and benevolent manner. They have been taught well and they know how to look after you properly. Every time, we make sure that you are reminded of AMS during trip regularly, that the guide is carrying first aid kits and emergency oxygen cylinder. You can remain assured about your health and safety and overall care.

Happy professional team

The team we have is a group of young and energetic souls. They are really enthusiastic and always eager to serve the clients. This way, the output is sure to be an amazing customer-oriented service.

We stress on service

Client service is what we do not compromise for in any costs. If they are happy, we have good future of business ahead so we always make sure they are in the best treatment.

Tailor-made packages and prices

May it be cultural tours, adventures, spiritual tours, trekking, peak climbing, homestay tours, volunteering or anything we have, can be customized and make up to the client’s requirements. Give us your cost and we are more than happy to adjust the cost for you on any kinds of packages. We are not working for profits but service. In whatever way it suits you it suits us too. Best flexible company you will ever find.


We’ve got a lot of add-on options for our clients. Yoga and meditation, jungle safari, herbal massage and Ayurveda therapy, casino entry, golf club, wellness and many more can be added with the main trek and tours.

Responsible tourism

Our itineraries are designed and operated by the principle of ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Traveling and exploring while leaving the environment as it is. We all follow this simple rules. Organizing the trek and tours for many causes has always been our passion like for orphanage, elderly care, fundraising for marginalized communities and more.

Giving to the society

Like we’ve already mentioned, 5% of our earnings go in the separate fund which is meant for seeking and helping the deprived and marginalized communities who have been ignored by the government.

We hear your advices

This is the best way to go. We want to become like your close friend from another country. Please, we’d love to hear to your advices too. No humans are perfect and we are learning as well. Therefore, if you have other ideas, we’d love to receive the knowledge and implement it as we got to.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

After you book with us, we give you 100% guarantee that you'll get the total satisfaction in the quality and the service. The price we offer is also so reasonable and worth the value of your money that you'll know that we are totally service based. If under any circumstances you are unable to travel, your money is safe with us until the moment you resume joining us. If in case you’re not happy, your next holiday is on us so that we get to serve you again with better ways.

24/7 quick response

Quenching your queries no matter what time of the day or whichever types of situations, our team is there for you. We have our sales team handling the prompt communication with you all the time. ‘Make it simple and quick’ is always our notion.