for the admirers of nature...

What to take for travel

Personal Equipment and Packing Lists

After booking with Nature Lovers, please pack necessary items as listed:

Personal Equipment

  • Travel documents: passport, visa (if you have), travel insurance, air tickets, voucher, passport photo (x 4)
  • Bank card or credit cards, travellers cheque, etc.
  • Sleeping bags, expedition quality rated to at least -40°F and another to at least -20° F.
  • Large and small towels.
  • Toiletries and water bottle.
  • Self-inflating pads - 2.
  • Sun /snow glass.
  • 8. First Aid/medical kit.
  • Rucksack / backpack.
  • Duffel Bags (carried by porters or animals).
  • Torch / Flashlights with plenty of spare batteries.
  • Pen knife/ Swiss knife.
  • Scarf / face mask (for dust and wind).
  • Personal hygiene stuffs; trash bags too.
  • Any other extras you feel is necessary like binocular, cameras, books, journals, and more.

Climbing Equipment

  • Ice axe with leash, designed for mountain climbing use. Sizes for different person heights: under 5’7” use a 60cm tool; 5’7”- 6’1” use a 65cm tool; over 6’1” use a 70cm tool. (Too short is preferable to too long).
  • Ice specific crampons. With or without anti-balling  plates.
  • Carabiners: 3 locking, 3 regular, 2 twist lock and 1 small screw gate locker; standard ovals recommended.
  • Alpine climbing harness which should fit over all clothing and pretty comfortable.
  • Climbing helmet, sizing adjustable.
  • Ascender; right and left.
  • Prusiks
  • Belay device
  • Adjustable 3 Section Ski or Trekking poles. Highly recommended.

Head wear

  • Ski goggles; 100% UV and high quality.
  • Balaclava: Both heavyweight and lightweight.
  • Warm woolen hat

Hand wear

  • Each pair of lightweight and heavyweight synthetic gloves
  • Expedition shell gloves-1 pair
  • Expedition shell mitts-1 pair
  • Hand and toe warmers: 3 sets of each

Foot wear

  • Trekking shoes
  • Casual shoes for town days
  • Double Plastic Climbing Boots with altitude liners.
  • Fully Insulated Over boots or gaiters or both.
  • Wool or synthetic socks- 4 pairs, Liner socks- 4 pair
  • Trekking socks- 5 pairs

Body wear

  • Lightweight/heavyweight underwear, few pairs
  • Shirt and pants-1-2 pairs
  • Soft shell jacket
  • Insulated synthetic pants
  • Expedition down parka
  • Insulated synthetic jacket
  • Hard shell jacket and hard shell pants; waterproof and breathable.