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LGBT Holidays in Nepal

LGBT Holidays in Nepal is the decade old concept that has been quite passive these days. Nature lovers is trying to re-establish the trend and trying to promote Nepal tourism all over the world including the LGBT communities. Even though we couldn’t be the pioneer in the field of LBGT tour operation, we would like to give it a new dimension and new direction. No matter if you are a lesbian or gay, we would like to tell you that Nepal is open and welcoming to every interested visitors. We welcome all the LGBT communities to come and explore the amazing natural Nepal where the beauty never ends.

After the LGBT community received the support from the government in 2007, making the ruling that guaranteed their rights, there’s been a lot of tour companies working hard to tell the world that we offer a lot of varied ranges of tours even to the communities of sexual minorities. Nature Lovers ensures you that you will have a truly authentic travel experience in this magical and mystical Himalayan nation. Experience the adventures we have, go for trekking and hiking, experience the local cultures and traditions, spend the birthday or honeymoon in the lap of the Himalayas or you could also get married in front of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Nepal. Whatever travel style you like to choose and try, we will make your dream holiday come true.

It’s a matter of fact that almost every time, we love to work with the clients or our visitors. We hear to your idea first, the way you want your holiday to be, your special plans and then we will work on it. We will give it a fine finish and forward it to you for your approval. After we both have the agreement in the proposal we presented you, from that point onwards, we will take it from there and change your whole perspective of travelling. Nature Lovers is always there to create you a perfect holiday so feel free to contact us anytime.